Why I Love Weddings

“Love is friendship that has caught fire.” – Ann Landers

I’m a soulful person.  I live largely, love strongly, and feel deeply.  Like a moth to the flame, the fire and heat of a lover’s promise made lasting pulls me in every time.  I love the way weddings bring out the sweet, the sassy, the silly, and the sexy in every bride and groom.  Capturing those moments, so you can forever remember how AMAZING you were on your wedding day (and ARE, every day of your life), is my gift and passion.

I take my weddings seriously, but I’m also serious about having fun!  I mean, this is one of the biggest celebrations of your life, right?  Let’s PAAAAAARRRRRTTTY!!!  Great times make for great memories, and sandwiched right in the middle of it all is a professional photographer making great pictures.  While dancing.  And singing with Aunt Sally to Earth, Wind, & Fire.  Yes, my favorite wedding song is “September.”  Bring it.

Here’s another reason why I love weddings: No matter how many I photograph, each one is unique, fabulous, and completely yours.  It’s just you, your partner, and the love between you made manifest…and that’s infinitely beautiful.

Your story is special.  I’m here to tell it.  (And let’s be real – eat some delicious cake.)