Why I Wander…

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Wandering through unexplored landscapes, camera in hand, with no expectation but to experience something outside my norm is why I love traveling.

There’s nothing more exciting than the moment when I feel the pulse of a new place.  And there’s always THE moment: a country crooner strumming his Jack Daniels guitar on Broadway in Nashville, the first juicy bite of a muffuletta sandwich on New Year’s Eve in New Orleans, bison slowly emerging through the morning mist in Yellowstone, an Irishman singing Michael Jackson in his thick brogue at 2am in Times Square, and surfers paddling the purple waves of Pismo Beach during the pre-dawn twilight. While I always indulge myself in some of the typical tourist activities (because when in Rome, you know?), I also aim to see the things only locals see and write about experiences that you won’t find in Rick Steves.  I look for the beauty, and then I look to the left – because that’s where the real story resides.

Whether it’s the other side of town or the far side of the world, I capture the moments that matter and a story that will stick with you.  Wander along with me and find inspiration for your next exploration!